Berlin Escorts

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Berlin is the capital city of Germany and one of the 16 states (Länder) of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Berlin is the largest city in Germany and has a population of 4.5 million within its metropolitan area and 3.5 million from over 190 countries within the city limits. Sex Scene and Prostitution After the war, the porn industry grew very fast that sex tourism became a primary industry. Although prostitution has been widely accepted in Berlin, and Germany as a whole, it was not legalized until in 2002.

The thinking behind legalization of prostitution was to improve the legal position of hookers and their profession. After legalization, hookers like all other professionals, could now access medical insurance and could contribute towards retirement schemes. The legalization was a great boost for the erotic industry. On any night, about 600 nightlife establishments are open in Berlin.

The establishments range from erotic massage parlors to cabarets, sex clubs, and strip clubs. The city offers a variety to make sure everyone finds something to keep him or her entertained all night. There are more escort services in Berlin than you can imagine. Of course, there are a lot of cheap agencies starting at 100 Euro per hour as well high class agencies starting at a rate of 600 Euro for 2 hours. In Berlin prostitution is allowed everywhere. The one-kilometre strip in the Berlin Mitte district, also home to Berlin’s New Synagogue, is synonymous with the city’s liberal stance on prostitution.

But this place is mainly overpriced services for gullible tourists. Tips for your Berlin Visit Repeat customers usually get better service than tourists. It is advisable to pretend that you are in city for a longer period of time. This way you get better service because she wants to see you again to get more money. Be aware of the fact, that there are some scammers that want to squeeze out as much cash out of you as possible and returning as little as necessary or nothing at all.