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Why Hire Elite Escorts in Seattle and World Wide:

I came across these statistics and thought to myself wow, here is a survey done and it shows that the majority of singles for both male and female want to increase the sex lives in 2014, and the questions popped in my head if singles want more sex this year than they had last year, than what is this telling us about singles in America about their thoughts, believes, and how they look at sex in general. Well lets look at the figures 68% of single men and 57% of single women want more sex but also 15% of single men and 12 % of single women want to to have sex with the same of familiar partner so for men is is 53% who don’t mind having unfamiliar partners and for women it is 45% that don’t mind having sex with different partners.

So are men and women becoming more open minded to sex and becoming more accustomed to having sex with different partners and the question is obviously yes, and honetly I think it might be a good thing but if we look at history we are the beginning of the new era, an era where sex becomes more in our day to day lives and maybe we as a society are becoming more accustomed and used to talking about sex. I would like to ask is this a turning point in history where we as a society are starting to adapt to the new culture of sex? And the answer is yes i do believe so more and more singles and even couples are starting to experiment more and more. We as a society have always been shy about talking about sex and that’s due to our society always shutting down anything that has to do with sex and if anybody wanted to know anything about sex they usually had to learn it by themselves or through experimenting with others.

I believe its because as far as e can think of sex and sexuality has all always been banned or looked bad talking about sex in public, and it’s been a subject that just simply most adults just don’t feel comfortable about. We are at the beginning of that shift where thanks to comedians and other sex experts or psychologist are encouraging others to talk and have a better understanding of sex.

So it all started with sex education in school in teaching individuals about STD’s and protecting yourself against anything harmful which started to shed some light in to the topic os sex in general, and we as people are evolving as well. We as people need a variety in life period if not we as humans get bored of doing the same thing over and over and its is true that doing the samething over and over again and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. I believe that singles now days have met the need for certainty when it comes to the subject of sex, and are comfortable with themselves with what they have discovered but we as humans get bored of the same stuff over and over again, and at the same time we have had the adult entertainment industry really teaching our children and even the adults about sex. It’s not like most parents sit down with the children and say this how you do it and if they did they would probably freaked out about it, so what do kids do they go and run to the parents stock pile or will search it online or even go to adult entertainment stores if of age and like most kids are quite intrigued on what they discovered. And we have been living in a society where this has been happening for the last 30-40 years and finally it is reaching the masses, so basically what iam getting at with all of this, that sex has a society is becoming more and more ok to talk about sex.

Which i believe is a good thing and i will leave on a high note and just like the world health organization has noted, sexuality is a fundamental part of the human health and well being. But even more so, it’s also a central part of humanity, and a part of the close relationships that bind us together. If we want to know how to promote and maintain healthy and successful romantic relationships, sexual behavior is an undeniable part of that. We must continue to talk openly and honestly about human sexuality, with all its ups and downs, and in all its wonderful variety. All Statistics came from match.com