Seattle Escorts and Courtesans Mission and Purpose

18/12/2019 Off By courtesan

Changing The Escort Industry

Mission and purpose: Seattle escorts and courtesans mission and purpose. Providing escorts a voice in today’s society

Seattle Escorts and Courtesans Mission and purpose is to Restoring Civil and Human Rights for all Quality: We created Seattle Escorts and Courtesans to provide a voice to an industry where there is very much stigma and much controversy along with so many people in their daily lives are even just scared to talk about sex. When we all know we as humans for the most part have all experienced it before and if you have not it’s only a matter of time you really will.

So why isn’t that we do not talk about sex more often in our daily lives with our loved ones and we don’t provide a full educational course behind it. I believe there is many thoughts behind why we don’t. But one reason is that since we are children and from a very small age we are taught not to talk about it and that it is bad meaning that sex is bad and naughty and we should turn away from it. We all as parents want to protect our little ones and just like our parents kept us in the shadows of what sex is all about we are doing the same, until our so called little ones will finally go out explore on their own which they all will do, even though we has parents have tried to hide sex from our kids. But they still find a way to have sex and some are even having sex younger then what we did and our new generations are learning things al lot faster and sooner then what we did.

So how do we solve this problem? Great question!!! I believe we have to educate and teach our younger generations how to protect and teach them the truth and reality behind Women, Men, Love and Sex and learn as a society to accept all openness and dialog to have these discussions so we can create solutions and demand change from our establishments that we all belong too. Even if it’s not change on these issues you help create change on ideas and topics which you are interested in and are passionate about as well.

Our Elite Escorts Join the revolution is a movement which only a few will understand or even comprehend at times because of its lengthy and what some would say impossible goals, but that is what is always said about the beginning of any new movement or activist revolution to be able to express through the minds and actions of all who would love to express their sexual desires and natural feelings which we all have received at one time or another.

We starting the join revolution movement first and foremost to unite the industry and gather the ideas and philosophies of those who been the industry and we can build organizations and work with those organizations which have lead the industry to what it is today, at the same time the average person doesn’t know a thing about the industry unless they are in it or know someone close to them which are in the industry, So until the average person is educated in a highly and sophisticated way to use our current establishment and government system to our advantage and we learn to create inspire others and moving companies organization which can be of hope for others and eventually solve the current problems our industry faces today. The world needs to see a positive things coming from our industry and the people who represent the industry. So we can have the rights we deserve, and every human being is required for a healthy and happy and passionate life because it is the driving force or all creation, and the most powerful of all forces.