Seattle Escorts and Seattle Courtesans

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Seattle Escorts and Seattle Courtesans in Seattle around Washington State.

Online upscale escorts in seattle, wa. seattle, wa and bring beautiful escorts to the pacific northwest seattle is the largest city in the northwest region of the united states and one of the largest trading ports with asia.

Seattle is one of the fastest growing cities on the west coast and is becoming a major tech hub. Seattle’s economy is thriving, despite economy turmoil in the rest of the country and the city has seen a large influx of younger professionals entering the city. This has allowed Seattle’s nightlife scene to grow and thrive and today Seattle’s nightlife is better than ever. Escorts in Seattle If you are planning a night out in Seattle, you’ll want to have some company.

If you cannot find company or just want to be with someone new, you should consider hiring a Seattle Escort. There are several escorts in Seattle that can accompany you to any of Seattle’s fine establishments for a fun, intimate evening. Your escort will cater to your needs to ensure you have a fun, unique experience in Seattle while enjoying some fine cocktails or a delicious meal.

Hiring a Seattle escort is a great way to spend a night out with great company while exploring Seattle. No matter what you want to do or where you want to go, hiring an escort from Seattle will ensure you have a great time and that you will spend time with someone fun.

Nightlife in Seattle The Beer Junction – The Pacific Northwest is known for its love of beer and The Beer Junction is easily the place to go in Seattle if you love beer. The beer selection at The Beer Junction is massive, almost endless. There’s almost any type of beer available in bottles and there are at least two dozen beers on tap at any given time. You’ll often find that the Beer Junction has beers on tap that are difficult to find, which makes the Beer Junction a popular spot to go. The Beer Junction does not serve food although there are several restaurants near the Beer Junction that will deliver directly to your table. The inside of the bar is very small and there is limited seating. If you manage to get some seating you’ll find that the atmosphere is about as relaxed as it could be. Most of the time you’ll find typical beer drinkers enjoying and tasting new beers. The Beer Junction holds several special events throughout the year like Valentine’s day and the Fourth of July and every week a different brewery comes in for tasting. Tuesday’s are incredibly popular due to this and are well worth your time if you can manage to take a few hours to go out on a Tuesday. Overall, The Beer Junction is the place to go for beer in Seattle. There simply is not another place that has the amount of beers on tap or in bottles in Seattle. The ambience is great, the prices are only slightly more expensive, and the amounts of beers are unmatched.

Sun Liquor – Sun Liquor is located in the Capital Hill district of Seattle and features some of the finest cocktails in all of Seattle. As soon as you enter Sun Liquor, you’ll notice that it has a speakeasy type ambience and décor. The lighting is very dim and the bar is a beautiful wooden crafted bar and the tables are as well. The thing that sets Sun Liquor apart from other bars in Seattle is the quality of cocktails. The bartenders are among the best in Seattle and there are several house cocktails that feature freshly squeezed juices and other fresh ingredients. The drink specials constantly rotate from week to week and on occasion the bar offers a flight of house cocktails, which are three smaller cocktails custom-made by the incredible bartenders. Despite the amazing quality of cocktails, prices are not unreasonable. You can expect to pay around $8 for a cocktail, which is about average. If you factor in the quality of the cocktail, you’re actually getting a steal. Despite the classy, intimate atmosphere you’d expect at a speakeasy type bar, the patrons at Sun Liquor interact with each other in a casual manner. You can still go on a date at Sun Liquor as it still has a cozy, intimate vibe despite the casual nature of many of the patrons. The bottom line is this — if you love well-crafted cocktails, you’ll love Sun Liquor. The bartenders are incredibly knowledgeable and friendly and the atmosphere is amazing. Whether you’re on a date, with a small group of friends, or just want to go out for a drink — you’ll love Sun Liquor.

Purple Café and Wine Bar – The Purple Café and Wine Bar is located in the heart of the financial district of Seattle and is arguably one of Seattle’s best cafes and wine bars. Inside, you’ll find the bar to have a trendy and slightly upscale ambience although the bar is frequented by a diverse demographic of people. The café itself is massive and can accommodate both private and corporate parties. Inside the Purple Café, you’ll notice the massive spiral staircase surrounding a few hundred bottles of wine. If you are not sure what type of wine would be best for you based on your meal or tastes, the knowledgeable and friendly staff will be more than happy to help you. You can be assured the staff will find you the perfect wine to go along with your meal. While the Purple Café may be a wine bar, the food attracts just as many people as the wine. The menu at purple Café is massive and Purple Café has easily some of the best food in all of Seattle. There is a meal for almost anybody and the Purple Café even features a vegetarian section due to the large demographic of vegetarians that frequent the bar. If you enjoy wine and a fine meal, you’ll love Purple Café. The service is outstanding, the food is delicious, and the wine selection is incredible. The Purple Café is one of the best spots to go to in Seattle and is well worth traveling to for a fine meal and delicious wine.