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Upscale escorts in Cincinnati, OH.

The classiest escorts in Cincinnati, OH

Home to some of the nation’s largest companies, Cincinnati is a bustling, fast growing city in western Ohio. Cincinnati is also home to Ohio’s second largest university and Cincinnati’s biggest employer, the University of Cincinnati. This large college-aged population has allowed nightlife in Cincinnati to thrive and prosper. Now, Cincinnati has one of the best nightlife scenes in all of Ohio.

Cincinnati Escorts

Cincinnati has some of Ohio’s best bars and restaurants to attend, which makes Cincinnati the perfect city to spend a night out with a companion. If you cannot find company to explore Cincinnati with you, consider hiring a Cincinnati escort.

A Cincinnati escort will spend an evening with you and accompany you to one or several of Cincinnati’s finest restaurants or bars. Your escort will cater to your specific needs so that your night out is as enjoyable and pleasurable as possible.

Whether or you’re new to the city, are just visiting, or just want some new company, spending an evening with an escort in Cincinnati is the perfect way to explore what Cincinnati has to offer. Cincinnati is an exciting city worth exploring with someone else. Hiring an escort in Cincinnati is just another way to ensure you can enjoy all that Cincinnati has to offer with good company who wants you to have the best night out.

Cincinnati Nightlife

The Blind Lemon – Located in the heart of Mt. Adams, the Blind Lemon is one of Cincinnati’s best lounges, especially for an intimate, romantic evening. Inside the bar, you’ll find dim lighting, and small tables — perfect for a couple out on a date. The Blind Lemon features several hot house cocktails, which is perfect due to Cincinnati’s cold climate during the winter months.

During the summer months and outdoor patio is opened for a romantic evening. Scrubs and other landscaping set the mood along with dimly lit lighting. On the cool summer nights, a fire burns for ambience and warmth in the already romantic, intimate setting at the Blind Lemon.

Several of Cincinnati’s best bands play live music at The Blind Lemon on an almost nightly basis. The music is soothing and calming, which further accentuates the mood. Drink prices are about average, although the happy hour at The Blind Lemon is among the best in all of Cincinnati.

The Blind Lemon has the perfect building and décor for a romantic, intimate evening. It’s frequently one of Cincinnati’s busiest date night hotspots and is widely regarded as one of the best bars in Cincinnati. The Blind Lemon simply excels in creating the perfect romantic atmosphere for a date or a small group of friends.

Dutch’s Bar & Bottle Shop – Dutch’s is located in the middle of Hyde Park just northeast of downtown Cincinnati. Dutch’s has one of the largest beer selections in all of Cincinnati with several local and regional craft beers along with the normal beers found in a bar. A large selection of wines is also available and the service staff is exceptionally knowledgeable and can help you pair your wine with a fine meal.

Dutch’s allure also extends to its menu as well. Dutch’s has several fine cheeses perfect for drinking with wine or one of the 700 beers available. Some of the most popular food items include the truffle popcorn, gazpacho, and the bison chili.

Dutch’s is by far one of the best spots in all of Cincinnati for beer or wine. The overall mood is laid-back and the friendly staff help lighten the mood. Unfortunately, there is no DJ or live bands but there is some calming background music that helps accentuate the atmosphere. Also, during the warm months, a back outdoor patio is opened along with a small bonfire, which is perfect for a couple or a small group looking for a relaxing evening out at one of Cincinnati’s finest beer and wine bars.

Neon’s Unplugged – Right in the center of Over-the-Rhine lays Neon’s Unplugged, a large indoor and outdoor lounge. The ambience is very trendy and some would even call it hipster. The bar itself is very large and there is an ample amount of seating both indoors and outdoors.

The indoor bar has a very casual feel with somewhat dim lighting and brick walls. You won’t find men in women in their finest suits and dresses here. Instead, you’ll find a laid-back crowd skipping the dressy attire in favor of jeans and t-shirts, which defines the casual, relaxed nature at Neon’s Unplugged.

Once the bar fills up, Giant Jenga and Bocce Ball games are often played in the massive bar. The adult games are some of the best attractions at Neon’s and the crowd is invigorated while watching the games, especially the Giant Jenga.

Neon’s is the perfect place to go for some different fun at a bar in a relaxed, casual atmosphere. The drink prices are reasonable and the bar is also dog friendly, which adds to its charm and laid back nature.

Bakersfield OTR – Bakersfield OTR is a Mexican themed bar/restaurant in the Over-The-Rhine area of Cincinnati. Bakersfield features a full bar and happy hour, which is when the restaurant fills up to its fullest. In addition, Bakersfield features some of the best Mexican food, especially the tacos and guacamole in Cincinnati.

Bakersfield is also open for both the lunch and dinner hours, which makes it the perfect place for a casual lunch or late dinner. Bakersfield also has outdoor seating, which is perfect for the warm summer months.

In addition to the full bar, Bakersfield features several craft beers including many from Cincinnati. The house margarita also pairs well with many of the dishes available on the menu.

Bakersfield is by far not a traditional bar because the emphasis on food is much higher. However, Bakersfield is the perfect spot to enjoy delicious Mexican food along with a few beverages. It also is a great night to start out at before moving on to another fine establishment in Cincinnati.