Seoul Escorts

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Seoul (서울) is the capital of South Korea.

With a municipal population of over 10.5 million, and a metropolitan population totaling over 20.5 million, Seoul is by far South Korea’s largest city and one of East Asia’s financial and cultural epicenters.

A fascinating blend of ancient traditions and cutting-edge digital technology, home to endless street food vendors and vast nightlife districts, an extraordinarily high-pressure educational system and serene Buddhist temples, a dynamic trend-setting youth culture and often crushing conformism, extraordinary architecture and endless monotonous rows of grey apartment buildings, Seoul is a city filled with stark contrasts, contradictions, and paradoxes.Prostitution in South Korea is illegal, but according to The Korea Women’s Development Institute, the sex trade in Korea was estimated to amount to 14 trillion South Korean won ($13 billion) in 2007, roughly 1.6 percent of the nation’s gross domestic product. “Bang” is the Korean word for “room”.

So you can find things like DVD Bangs (private rooms to watch movies) or Noraebangs (private Karaoke rooms). Kiss Bangs are rooms for kissing.In Seoul there are many prostitutes from South Korea it self and China.

A BBC report stated that many women in their 50s to 70s in South Korea are offering sexual services to elderly men in order to survive. The women gather in Jongmyo Park in Seoul where they sell Bacchus energy drinks. Retired men who gather in the park purchase the energy drink and then bring the old lady to a nearby motel. According to one customer interviewed by the BBC, the price for sex with the older women costs between $20 to $30 (20,000 to 30,000 South Korean Won.) About 400 ladies work as prostitutes in the park. A social worker who interviewed the prostitutes stated that one women started working as a whore at age 68.