Rome Escorts

17/12/2019 Off By courtesan

Rome (Italian: Roma), the Eternal City, is the capital and largest city of Italy and of the Lazio (Latium) region. Sex Scene and Prostitution Rome’s top security official suggested the city needs a Red-light district to keep prostitutes off the residential streets, because there have been so many complaints about prostitutes working the streets of the Italian capital.

In the Rome newspaper La Repubblica, Serra suggested a district like those Hamburg and Amsterdam “where one can exercise the world’s oldest profession without disturbing the citizens.” “In Italy, prostitution is not a crime but this doesn’t mean that you must continue to make believe (the problem) isn’t there,” Serra was quoted saying.

Prostitution is not illegal in Italy but pimping is and police have been cracking down on prostitution rackets they say exploit illegal immigrants, including many from Eastern Europe. Italians have the unusual habit of preferring to consume the sexual act in a car, because its cheaper than going to an escort waiting in an apartment. However, women standing in streets not only feel more vulnearable, humilated, but are also exposed to dangerous violent criminals who will demand protection money from them, eg Albanian criminial gangs.

Therefore, if you are a foreigner they will be sometimes afraid of you ! Italy had legal brothels until 1958, when they were closed and prostitutes took to the streets. There are an estimated tens of thousands of prostitutes in Italy. In Rome, among the streets where they are visible are a stretch near the Foreign Ministry and roads leading to a seaside suburb where many families go to picnic.Most of the prostitution activity in Rome happens in the streets. Street prostitution is the most popular form of prostitution in Rome. Private flat prostitution is also becoming very popular these days, because it is so easy for the prostitutes to post their ad online and then wait for a client to call. There are also illegal underground brothels and erotic massage parlors are becoming very popular. Most prostitutes come from Eastern European and African countries. Proposals to legalize brothels again have foundered.