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Upscale Escorts in Columbus, OH

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As Ohio’s biggest city, Columbus has the best nightlife in all of Columbus. Columbus has a diverse population and a large concentration of 18-22 year olds due to Ohio State University.

This young demographic influences Columbus’ nightlife and has led to the expansion of bars, restaurants, and clubs all over Columbus. Now, Columbus has the most active and liveliest night scene in all of Ohio. Columbus Escorts Columbus has a bar, restaurant, lounge, or other form of entertainment for any person’s desire. If you are in Columbus and want to spend an evening out in one of the cities fine establishments, you’ll want to do it with a companion. If for some reason you do not have company to go with you, you could consider hiring an escort in Columbus.

A Columbus escort is a great way to explore what Columbus has to offer with good company who wants you to enjoy your time in Columbus. In fact, an escort in Columbus will accommodate your needs during your time out so that you have the absolute greatest experience during your night out in Columbus. Columbus is a fun, exciting city with plenty to offer its’ visitors and residents.

Hiring an escort in Columbus is the perfect way to spend an exciting evening with someone new and exciting who shares the same interests as you.

Nightlife in Columbus North High Brewing – North High Brewing is located in the University District of Columbus and is widely regarded as one of the best breweries in the area. The atmosphere is very casual and relaxed, which is influenced by its casual design and décor. Much of the décor was actually taken from old buildings in Columbus, which both adds to its charm and its interaction with the community. Columbus’ rich history can be displayed all over the bar, which is another reason the locals enjoy spending a night here. Beer lovers can rejoice because North High Brewing features several of Columbus’ best microbrews as well as craft beers from the local area. You’ll find the staff are as knowledgeable as any other bar staff about beers and can find a beer based on your taste. Beers are also constantly being added and replaced so you’re bound to try a new favorite beer almost every time you go to North High Brewing.

Curio – Located in the German Village is Curio, a small, classier cocktail bar in Columbus. Curio almost has a speakeasy type look to it and features unique decor that includes creepy family portraits, recessed windows, little oil-lamps, and luxurious looking wallpaper. This unique décor sets a warmer, intimate vibe that spreads throughout the entire bar. The bar itself features premium liquors and the bar is solely a cocktail bar. The house cocktails are among the best in Columbus. The bartenders are incredibly knowledgeable and mix the perfect drink each and ever time. You’ll find the cocktails have sophisticated flavors and the perfect balance. In others words, an “old fashioned” is a true Old Fashioned as it was intended to be when it was invented. Outdoor seating is available during the warmer months, which mainly are May to October. However, no matter what time of year it is, Curio fills up almost every single night and it can be difficult to get a seat if you do not get there in time. Curio sets apart itself from other bars with its class and sophistication. It is not the type of bar you go to with your friends to get drunk. Instead, Curio is the type of bar you go to enjoy a unique cocktail with a small group of friends or a companion.

Woodlands Tavern – The Woodlands Tavern is your traditional pub located in the Grandview Heights area. The bar has a very casual atmosphere and ambience, which makes it the perfect spot to go with some friends for an enjoyable night out. Outside the bar is a patio area with a decent amount of seating during the summer months. Happy hour at Woodlands Tavern competes with the other popular bars in Columbus although drinks are already affordable to begin with at Woodlands Tavern. The bar is completely stocked and has almost every brand of liquor you could expect at a bar and there are a few house cocktails that are popular among the locals. Live music is predominately played at Woodlands Tavern and features some of Columbus’ best bands. On occasion live music is not played although this is rare. There is not anything very odd or unique about the Woodlands Tavern. Instead, Woodlands Tavern simply excels in every aspect of the bar. Its drinks are affordable, the staff are friendly, the food is delicious, and there’s always a crowd looking to enjoy a good time and socialize. Woodlands Tavern is simply a traditional bar that does everything better than other regular bars.

16 Bit Bar & Arcade – Consider the 16-Bit Bar & Arcade like an adult playground. As the name would imply, the 16-Bit Bar & Arcade contains several arcade style games throughout the entire establishment. Surprisingly the bar fills up almost every single night and its casual décor and appearance attract a diverse, clientele. Drinks are slightly more expensive at the bar so many regulars take advantage of the several specials and cheaper drinks during happy hour. The bar itself has a fully stocked bar along with several local bottled and canned beers. In the back are several tables as well while you wait for a machine or if you want to take some time off from gaming. 16-Bit Bar & Arcade is Columbus’ only arcade bar, which makes it a popular destination for the large population of younger, 20-somethings. It is very rare that you won’t find the bar with a decent crowd although even when the bar does fill up, the crowd still manages a relaxed, laid-back atmosphere. The 16-Bit Bar & Arcade is definitely a bar worth visiting especially if you enjoy old school video gaming or arcade games.