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Online Escorts in Washington, DC.

Upscale escorts in Washington, DC.

Home to some of the most important people in the United States, Washington DC is filled with wealthy and powerful individuals. To accommodate these individuals, Washington DC has seen a rapid increase in the amount of upscale lounges, bars, restaurants, and clubs over the last twenty years. Besides New York City, Washington DC has arguably one of the best nightlife scenes on the east coast.

This is why Washington DC is quickly becoming a hotspot for nightlife and people are flocking to DC from many surrounding states. Washington DC Escorts Like Las Vegas or Los Angeles, appearance is everything in Washington DC. You don’t want to be the person at the bar or club by yourself. An attractive woman draped around your arm is a must in DC If you need company for a night out in Washington DC, consider hiring a Washington DC escort. An escort in Washington DC will provide you with fun, exciting company during your night out in Downtown DC.

Several high class escort companies can provide you with an escort that fits your desire so you can enjoy the evening with a woman of your specific liking. Washington DC has some of the most luxurious, sophisticated bars, lounges, and restaurants in the United States. If you are just visiting for a few days or just want to experience something new, hiring a Washington DC escort is the perfect way to explore what DC has to offer with an attractive woman in a unique, exciting way.

Washington DC Nightclubs 9:30 – 9:30 is arguably one of Washington DC’s go to clubs. 9:30 has been around forever and is one of DC’s most popular and exciting clubs. The sound system, atmosphere, and environment sets 9:30 apart from any other club in the DC area. Everything in 9:30 has been redesigned so the club is more hip and modern for the young, more energetic crowd. Inside the club, you will notice there are two main floors. The bottom floor is the main area with a huge dance floor and several bars to get drinks quickly. Upstairs, there is a balcony that overlooks the dance floor and the entire club, which fills up quickly after the dance floor starts to fill up. The main attraction of 9:30 is that there are always “up and comers” playing at 9:30. Several artists begin their journey to stardom by playing at 9:30 and multiple huge artists playing now can trace their roots back to playing at clubs like 9:30. There’s almost always an artist playing and chances are if the artist is remotely good, 9:30 will fill up that night. Its world class sound system is like no other in DC and your ears will thank you if you spend the night at 9:30.

Josephine Nightclub and Lounge – Josephine Nightclub and Lounge is one of the more elegant, luxurious nightclubs in DC. In fact, Josephine is one of the few actual nightclubs in DC. Plus, Josephine is ideally located right in downtown Washington DC, so there are multiple methods of transportation home after the club closes. The inside features several dance floors and is elegantly designed with mirrors on all the walls. Bright lights illuminate the several pillars around the club and the lights change color throughout the night. Josephine caters to VIPs and the service here is top notch. Waitresses are incredibly attentive and will make sure that mixers are constantly fresh and refilled so you and your party have an enjoyable night at Josephine. There are several tables for bottle service and upon first glance you’d expect the couches and chairs to be more fit for royalty than in a DC nightclub. For patrons not purchasing bottle service, there are two fully stocked bars with premium spirits. Drink prices are comparable to other DC clubs and unfortunately there is no happy hour at Josephine. However, despite the average drinks and lack of happy hour, Josephine still fills up on a nightly basis due to its top notch DJs and exciting, high energy atmosphere.

Lux Lounge – Formerly a lumber warehouse, Lux Lounge was transformed in a hip and trendy dance club. The four floor club plays a different genre of music on each level, (reggae on one level, top 40 on another, hip hop, on the third floor, and rap on the last). Almost every night, attractive 20-somethings fill all four floors and listen and party to some of DC’s best DJs perform the wide variety of music. Several areas are roped off for table service along the dance floor and a separate ultimate VIP section is located above the lounge area and above one of the bars. Some of DC’s wealthiest and most powerful socialites party in these VIP areas and even Lebron James and Carmello Anthony have been spotted at Lux Lounge. Lux Lounge is easily one of DJ’s best clubs and is arguably the best club in Downtown’s Chinatown area. Lux Lounge is the perfect area for 20-somethings a modern, sexy, club to dance, pose, and party into the late hours of the morning.

POV Roof Terrace and Lounge – If clubs are not really your ideal type of environment, then perhaps an establishment like the POV Roof Terrace and Lounge will suit your desire. The POV Roof Terrace and lounge has one of DC’s best views and is rated as one of DC’s best rooftop bars in the entire city. POV Roof Terrace and Lounge has a much more laid back and relaxed feel, which is perfect for an intimate, romantic night out. The candles and elegant couches and tables set the mood perfectly and its’ a primary upscale lounge for dates or for small groups of friends to enjoy a much more casual, sophisticated night out. The POV Roof Terrace is one of DJ’s best views and has some of DC’s most delicious cuisine and cocktails. It is one of the hardest spots to get a reservation due to its ideal location and the large population of wealthier, sophisticated socialites in the DC area. Therefore, reserving a table at least three or four days in advance is a must. The view and environment will more than make up for the wait.