Elite Escort Experience and K Girls

17/12/2019 Off By courtesan

I’ve had several people message me asking for more info on the K-girl scene. It’s not completely intuitive on how this works, newbies will still be newbies but hopefully I can help you avoid some of the bumps here. I warn you the following info will pull you into a world of fun, easy sex. You’ll have hot Asian women that just can’t keep their mouth off your dick, rooms with mirrors all over the place where you can watch yourself bang these beautiful K-girls from every angle. All sorts of sex tricks you never imagined before. It’s addicting, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

What is a K-girl? A Korean escort. They generally have high quality service and strive for a good reputation and quality customers. Great sessions are obviously not limited to K-girls but in my experience they’re a safe bet. K-girls have become very popular escorts to see. Their sessions follow a somewhat predictable script. A lot of K-girls have their own variations on the script, its a fun way to get lots of variety while still having a slight expectation of how the hour will progress.

Are K-girls for you? An ideal client is white/asian, middle aged, quiet, decent shape, has lots of disposable income, very good hygiene and is mild mannered. You definitely don’t have to be all of these things, but the less you fit the less you’ll be able to reliably schedule a session. Unfortunately, most times other races (African-Americans) are usually screened out, it sucks guys but that’s the reality.

Where do I find a K-girl? K-girls advertise in most major cities. Seattle, LA, SanFran, New York and DC are hotspots. Cityvibe and Eros are popular sites, many girls even have their own private websites. Ads usually have pictures and descriptions as well as links to reviews. Try and search around for reviews to confirm the ad is legitimate. AdultFax and TheEroticReview are good resources for reviews. There are also many regional forums where you can get area specific info. There are many many scams out there and if you’re new to the scene you can easily fall victim to bait/switch scams. A good strategy is to try and schedule with a woman who has several good reviews over time. Make sure the name/number in the ads match the name/number in the reviews. You can also google the number and google search their pictures to confirm the legitimacy of the ad.

How do I make an appointment? You need references. This is a catch-22 situation. You probably won’t be able to make an appointment with that smoking hot, top reviewed K-girl for your first appointment. The good k-girls are in demand and don’t have time to screen newcomers. Instead see a less popular k-girl. Depending on how busy they are they may take newcomers with no references. These k-girls are sometimes a little older but the service can be just as good. A good session with them will give you a good reference to see other K-girls. You can call or text and ask if they’re available that day. The person you are calling is not the K-girl, it’s their scheduler, sometimes this is even a male. Don’t be alarmed, just be polite and ask if the K-girl is available. Most K-girls are same day appointments only. Don’t be surprised if they don’t answer, just try again another day or move on to someone else. Schedulers will sometimes ask for personal info, it’s up to you whether you want to provide this. Make no doubt about this. The initial session can be hard to schedule and you may have to try several times with several different schedulers. Just be patient. The usual appointment is for 1 hour. 1/2hour and 2 hours are sometimes available. Fees are usually between 200-400 an hour, it varies depending on location. Just be clear on how much time you want. Make sure the ad states the expected fee. Ads without hourly fees are usually a red flag. If you make an appointment congrats! Follow their instructions for the appointment, they will text you an address for your time slot. You will get specific instructions when you arrive. You’ve got to prepare for your session.

What do I do to prepare? Shave, shower, brush your teeth and look presentable. I’d like to repeat this for emphasis.. shower and by that I mean scrub down everything and wash your ass. Your ass should smell like soap. Don’t show up looking like a scrub. Wear nice casual clothes, breath mints are underrated. Get the cash and plan on being there on time, if you’re late this will count against your time. They don’t extend timeslots for latecomers.

What to do when you arrive Scope out the incall. Look for parking. Make sure you know which apt/house you’re going to. Call/text 1-2 minutes before your appointment time and let the scheduler know you’re there. They’ll give you directions/instructions on where to go. When you’re walking to the apartment just be casual. Discretion is important when you’re at the incall. Once the K-girl let’s you inside you’re ready to rock. What to do once you’re inside Take off your shoes, they’re Asian after all. The K-girl will greet you and bring you into the bedroom. This is important an important step: Once you’re in the bedroom, take the fee out and place it on whatever nightstand/dresser/table is sitting around. They’re expecting you to do this. They may count it out and leave the room and place it elsewhere, or it may just sit there the whole time. Just don’t talk about it. Never talk about money. Many K-girls are not fluent in English, they’ll have basic vocabulary but you may have to rely on hand signals sometimes. Luckily you’re not there to talk to them. Just follow their script! Once business is taken care of, let them dictate the script over the next hour. This is usually best for a newbie. Once you get more experience you can take the reins. They’ll usually have you shower (or they will shower you).. yes again, cleanliness is important here. And then take you back to the bedroom for sex. The reviews may give you a good indication of what will happen, they’ll fuck your brains out for the next hour. A usual 1 hour scripted session for myself goes something like this: 10 min makeout, disrobe, mouthwash, shower and then BJ in the bathroom 10 min BJ, 69, oral for her. I cum from oral. 10 min nude massage. 20 min BJ, 69, various sex positions. I cum in the condom. 10 min cleanup shower. Mouthwash. Put on clothes and leave. Every K-girl is different with their script. Some allow you to blow twice, some don’t. Some use condoms for oral, some don’t. Some like kissing, some don’t. Some k-girls act like pornstars while others are more like girlfriends. Many like to lick and play with your ass, if that’s not your thing just let them know. Some fun variations on script from my sessions include: Hot/cold blowjobs. As in the K-girl swished her mouth with hot tea, gave a bj, then ice water then continued the bj. Pornstar experiences. Cock spitting and slapping it on their face. Talking really dirty. Lap dances. Sitting you down in a chair and rubbing you up and down with their body. Bare contact (on the outside) was really hot. It’s best to go into the session with little to no expectations of what will happen. Sometimes you just click and it’s great, other times its just a standard scripted session. Do I have to tip? No! You don’t have to tip. However if you had a great time or think the K-girl went out of her way for you. Go ahead and tip. Tipping doesn’t go unnoticed. You may get priority scheduling or even better service next time, just don’t expect it.

What else? From my personal perspective, one rookie mistake a lot of people make is not having sufficient manners. Korean culture is heavy on manners. This means being overly polite and asking before you do certain things. Being rough and rude will likely get you blacklisted from every K-girl in the city. If your session doesn’t go the way you want, or you’re unhappy about it. Don’t be confrontational with the K-girl. Just chalk it up to experience and move on. You can talk to the scheduler and/or write a review about what went wrong butdon’t be confrontational. It’s incredibly rude and threatening to them, this is a cultural thing. Write a review! This helps everyone. A lot of men visit these women and want to have great sessions, K-girls want good customers and lots of cash. If you had a good time, let everyone know! Even if she has 50+ great reviews, everyone will appreciate another great review. Have fun and play safe.