Geneva Escorts and Geneva Courtesans

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What do escorts do?

There are jobs in the adult entertainment industry that are more clear-cut than others. The term “escort” isn’t one of those: few people can tell what escorts do, exactly. Escorts aren’t prostitutes, but sometimes a client’s relationship with one can become sexual. Not all escorts are necessarily massage therapists, but some of them are licensed as such.

They’re not exotic dancers, but chances are you can find more than one escort who is very good at personal lap dances. So, what do escorts do? According to Amanda Brooks, former stripper, escort and author of The Internet Escort’s Handbook if you are selling your time, undivided attention and the (unspoken) offer of sexual entertainment, you’re an escort. Note the specification of “unspoken” offer of sexual entertainment. Escorts get paid for their personal, undivided attention and expert people skills, not sex.

The women and men who become escorts are usually those who are not only attractive and skilled sexually, but have a natural ease and interest in other human beings, as well as the ability and desire to make others happy. While a dancer may be comfortable exposing his or herself on stage in front of a group of clients, they may have no skill in actually engaging in a brief conversation with a client, let alone connecting personally for an extended period of time. Escorts are talkers, and thinkers, and feelers. When you hire an escort, you are not only getting private one-on-one time with someone fascinating and attractive, you’re getting an open ear – if you need one and ask for it. You’re getting a pair of open arms that are ready to really get to know you, and do what they can to take away any stress you’ve had from a long week. You’re getting someone ready to celebrate your milestones with dinners and dancing. You’re getting someone who will stand or sit beside you at an event or social occassion, with a supportive hand on your arm and an ability to be discreet. But, literally, what do they do? Before a date Escorts find and screen clients either through working for an agency or by keeping a profile.

They specify their skills and what makes them unique – interests, education, a bit about their background, and other points that will help them connect on a somewhat personal basis with clients. They require some sort of background check on their clients to ensure their mutual safety and satisfaction, and often speak with the client on the phone prior to meeting to get to know them a tad and make them feel at ease before their person-to-person encounter. Escorts need to know as much and as specifically as possible about their potential client to make them feel undoubtedly special and satisfied during their time together. Escorts pay an incredible amount of care and attention to their appearance: working out to maintain a healthy, womanly shape, going to salons to make sure their hair, nails and body are clean, feminine and at their best. Escorts take care to maintain their physical and mental health, being aware of how diseases are transmitted and doing everything they can to make sure they stay safe and don’t put their clients at risk.

Escorts try to keep up with pop culture, the general state of politics, local sports and other kinds of entertainment so to best be able to connect with the interests of their clients. Escorts arrange the particulars of where and when to meet their clients, and maintain a respectful relationship with those in the hotel industry in their area. They know of hotels and restaurants that fill various tastes and budgets so that they can suggest an ideal location if asked. Most professional escorts are in the industry to support themselves while they go through school or are starting in another career, so they’re very aware of themselves as an entire package and think of how escorting will affect them in the long run. They have healthy lifestyles and are in the industry out of choice, not desperation.

They want to be good at their job and build healthy, respectful relationships with their clients. While on a date Escorts are not paid for sexual favors. It is both bad taste and flat out illegal to discuss any exchange of sex for money in a phone conversation between an escort and a client. Rather, they offer their devoted attention for the agreed upon amount of time. This can be spent, truly, as the client desires: in public (at dinner, the theatre, a club or a bar) or in private (at a hotel, the client’s residence or the escort’s home). They can be your best friend for as long as you wish, but can be mysterious and distant, if this what you are looking for. Without asking too many questions, escorts help you live out your fantasies so you can free your mind for your next goal in life.