Vienna Escorts and Vienna Courtesans

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A quick first timer’s guide to seeing an escort Remember Tom Cruise’s first encounter with an escort in RISKY BUSINESS.

The escort was actually a Black man dressed in drag. Don’t expect that unless you request it. Also important to note that you should NOT expect speedy service. Your meeting needs to be planned. She’s not a working girl on the street. She’s a professional woman and it’s important that she feels safe with you. She won’t accept you as a new client without references. She needs to safely be able to establish your identity and occupation. Once all of the business is settled you will have your date. What to do with and escort?

What not to do with an escort? Now, what should you expect on this first date with an escort? Sex? Maybe. The majority of escorts are going to sleep with you, but sometimes due to legal issues in some areas you need to skirt carefully around. Keeping that in mind, if she meets you somewhere (an outcall) verses in her home (an incall), you should expect her to call her agency as soon as she arrives. She will contact the agency to let them know she’s there and that things are going well. Also do expect that she will call after the session is finished to let them know she is OK and leaving for the next session. Also important to realize, she sees you as a client, not her boyfriend. Do expect her to treat you professionally. If you want romance, stick with a girl-friend. She is a sexpert, a pro and she knows about everything you can possibly suggest when it comes to sex. She’ll do almost anything however most do not perform anal sex.

Although she will most likely perform oral and let you put your penis between her breasts she will NOT

let you cum in her face. She also would prefer if you keep your fingers and tongue away from her ass. Do expect her to insist you wear a condom. She’ll hand it to you! They always bring their own preferred condoms so that’s one less thing for you to worry about. Do expect her to check your ID very carefully. She does not want to get busted. Don’t be surprised if she asks you to take off your trousers and shorts to expose your penis. Her reasoning, if you were a cop, you would not expose yourself. So do expect to feel like an idiot standing there half-naked! Do expect to pay her for her time upfront. Place the fee in an unmarked white envelope. The amount varies by region and by escort, but in general it ranges from around $150 (in a place like West Virginia) to $500 or more (in large cities like New York).

Cash, money orders or travelers checks are accepted. Credit cards and personal checks are not. Once you climax once, that’s it—unless you agreed on MSOG! Expect her to leave. If you’re lucky and she likes you, she may offer a second climax or she may stay the remainder of the hour and offer to massage your back or just talk. That would be considered a bonus! Escorts are a ton of fun! Good luck with yours and remember: green and clean make her smile and love you more.