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14 quick-n-easy ways to turn off an escort

Even though most clients assume it’s an escort’s responsibility to turn them on, the entire encounter goes much more smoothly if your actions do not work against you by repelling your escort. It’s true that an escort may not always be attracted to her clients, but most successful escorts find something appealing about them… so much so that they can find a way to get turned on during intimate moments.

However, there are some surefire ways that clients will actually make an escort’s job even more challenging by turning her off, sexually. Avoid making the following mistakes: Unsolicited pictures of your genitals will not impress an escort. She gets it: you have a penis and intend to use it. You don’t have to show it off as a way to get her all hot and bothered. In fact, sending a photo of your junk to an escort in a text message or an email is a great way to turn her off and, potentially, get yourself banned from her client list.

To an escort (and any woman, for that matter) receiving unrequested pictures of your privates is much like flashing them at her in real life, without consent. It’s offensive and shocking, to the say least. And, it steps over the line representing the trust between you and an escort. She trusts that you will not send anything offensive to her through your communication efforts. When you transmit a suggestive photo like this to her, without her permission, you are straining the relationship you are trying to build with her. Not only may it be offensive to her, but if someone else picks up her phone, the photo will be even more personally violating to them, causing your escort problems by attempting to explain the picture. All in all, sending photos of your erection is never a good idea.

Talking dirty to an escort before even meeting her is presumptuous and uncalled for. While there may be some flirting in order as you and your escort book an encounter, it’s totally in appropriate to start a dialogue where dirty talk is involved. Using crude words for private parts or telling her what you plan to do to her will not get her all riled up for your encounter in a good way. In fact, it’s likely that your obscene line of conversation may actually work the opposite way and cause her to dread the booking. Her thoughts are that if you are so bold and brazen as to attempt to engage her in that type of conversation during the booking process, there’s no telling as to what boundaries you may attempt to stretch past in person. Avoid making her hesitant about the encounter by omitting any discussion that involves dirty talk prior to meeting. In fact, be on your best behavior as you plan an encounter with an escort; she can call off the booking at any time, for any reason. Bad hygiene. Clients who show up for a booking and smell bad will immediately turn off an escort.

Who wants to become intimate with someone who reeks? Take a bath, put on deodorant and avoid excessive activity prior to arriving at your escort’s incall or meeting up for an outcall. If it’s especially hot outside (and, you’re an extra sweaty type), offer to take a shower at the beginning of an encounter. Overall good hygiene includes clean/combed hair, manscaping of the beard/goatee and brushing your teeth. If you can’t maintain your general hygiene, don’t even think about trying to book an encounter with an escort. She doesn’t have to accept visits with clients who are unclean or unkempt. Bad manners. Awkward situations occur all of the time with an accidental expulsion of gas with a fart or belch. Most of the time, these accidents can be laughed off or ignored, especially when they happen infrequently. However, if you make a habit of demonstrating your poor manners to an escort, she may refuse to book encounters with you. Additionally, if you make a habit of exhibiting your poor manners, she may deny certain intimacies with you (kissing or oral sex).

Additionally, displaying other bad manners such as picking your nose or teeth, digging at scabs or sores, messing with your finger or toenails and anything else that could be deemed as disgusting will definitely turn your escort off. Reserve these activities for your private time and be on your best behavior for your escort. Requesting an unacceptable role play scenario. When you ask for a special set-up for a role play, it should be one that is not offensive to anyone. Generally, before you get to know your escort, it’s wise to ask for a pretty common, run-of-the-mill one. As you and your escort get to know one another better, it may be okay to request a situation that might be a little less standard.

However, it’s NEVER acceptable to ask for a role play that suggests incest or child molestation or pornography. These are two areas that are off limits for nearly all escorts and will turn them off from doing ANYTHING with you, intimate or otherwise. Steer clear of these kinds of fantasies, because they won’t get you what you’re looking for. Not trimming your manly areas. Clients want to imagine that their escorts are aroused during intimate moments with them and this often is the case. But, one definite way to turn her off is to have excessive body hair down there. Most escorts don’t mind a guy with a hairy body, but taking some time to trim your genital area is a very kind thing to do for your escort. If you expect her to provide you with oral pleasure, make it an easier and more enjoyable experience by getting rid of some excessive hair in that region. Additionally, hair tends to retain body odor in the genital area. To maintain better hygiene, it helps to trim up and get rid of unnecessary hair. Using pet names for private parts of her body.

She doesn’t get aroused by you asking to pet her pretty “kitty,” or whatever other cutesy name you’ve created for her vaginal area. Your escort is a grown woman. Using immature or juvenile names for her body parts does nothing to rev up her motor. Additionally, utilizing crude words to refer to her body parts doesn’t entice her, either. If you don’t know what to call her individual body regions, use general ways of talking about her specific parts. For instance, instead of referring to a body region, simply say, “I can’t wait to touch you.” Your general meaning is fully understood when it comes time to engage in intimate activities with your escort. By attempting to use words you may be uncomfortable with or that sound silly, you demean her sexiness and turn her off. Err on the side of caution and omit this verbiage from your vocabulary when with an escort. Insulting her body parts and their appearance. Some clients assume that they can make fun of an escort’s nipples and still get a fully aroused escort in bed. What you say prior to getting it on sticks in her brain and keeps repeating itself as you touch her further in the encounter.

Don’t insult any part of her body if you want her best performance during the booking. Denouncing any body region will only reduce her self confidence and inhibit her activities with you. Embrace her body, in all its imperfections (perhaps), to receive the best encounter she can give to you. Bragging about your abilities or skills. If you’re really good in the sack, your escort will notice. You will not have to announce your abilities. Warning her ahead of time is unnecessary. And, preparing her for your greatness won’t make the encounter any more fulfilling for either of you. In fact, when you blow and go about how good you are at sex, foreplay or other activities, it just makes you sound like an egotistic jerk.

Telling her how other women begged you to have sex with them isn’t going to turn on your escort. Conversely, it will probably turn her off, as she begins to recognize you as the narcissistic type that you are presenting yourself as. Avoid suggesting that your skills are above par. She doesn’t need a preview of your abilities. Allow nature to take its course and she will become aroused on her own, without the aid of your good reviews. Degrading others. Clients who arrive and carry on with a string of insults for their coworkers, family members, friends, old girlfriends and former spouses and others will only become uglier to an escort. When you arrive and insist on a barrage of negativity against the hotel staff or other people who have been in your path that day you present an image of yourself that is criticizing and mean. An escort will quickly judge you on those premises, failing to become sexually excited at the prospect of sharing tender moments with you. If you want to arouse your escort ahead of time, demonstrate a gentler, more compassionate side of yourself, instead of coming off as a judgmental individual. After all, if she perceives you as the judgmental type, she will wonder what you will say about her after the encounter is completed.

Thinking of nothing but sex. Clients who swing in for an encounter and move quickly to the intimate portion of a booking may turn off an escort by their brazenness. When a client and escort first meet, it’s fairly standard to take a few minutes to get to know one another before any other progression of activities occurs. And, while many clients may have some expectations of sexual intimacies during a booking, it’s not a guaranteed area of service. Escorts promise their time, affection and companionship. The choice to move forward with sexual intimacies is entirely consensual on the part of both the client and escort. Attempting to rush forward into more intimate engagements can seem overwhelming and inappropriate in some contexts.

Take your time when advancing to more personal involvements and your escort may enjoy the encounter much more. Additionally, the booking may become less awkward and more pleasurable for both of you. Scoffing at her condom policy. Escorts work with the requirement that all clients must wear a condom during physically intimate activities involving their penises. This is not only for the escort’s protection against pregnancy and STDs, it’s also for the clients’ health and safety. If you disrespect or deny her request that you wear a condom during intercourse (either vaginal, anal or oral), she may become unwilling to perform any sexual acts on you. Even if you begrudgingly agree to wear a condom, your unwillingness to comply with her request may be enough to turn her off for the entire encounter.

Getting her aroused afterward may prove to be difficult, if not impossible. Being stingy. When you gripe about how much you had to pay to get to see her, it’s plausible that her arousal level will plummet. Even if you feel that her fee is quite expensive (and, high-end escorts do command premium rates), it’s never a good idea to voice this opinion to her. She knows what she charges. And, she knows you are able to afford it. If you don’t like her rates, find another quality escort who charges her clients less. It’s your choice. She didn’t force you to choose her as your escort. When you complain about her rates, it’s a direct indication that you don’t feel she is worth the price. That’s a direct insult and will immediately reduce her attraction for you. Expecting the escort to do all the work. An encounter is a two-way street, where both the client and escort work together to create a pleasurable environment for each other. When that’s accomplished, the client is ensured a great experience. However, when the client expects an escort to put forth all of the work without extending himself at all, it becomes incredibly challenging for the escort to perform at her best.

When this happens, some escorts begin to resent their clients for their laziness and actions suggesting entitledness. Be willing to exert some effort to ensure that the encounter goes smoothly. When she sees that you’re willing to go the extra mile to create a great booking for yourself, she’s much more encouraged to exert herself, too. Otherwise, she feels taken advantage of and used, which does nothing to increase her arousal.