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11 ways you spook escorts without meaning to Despite your best efforts, your inexperience may lead you to cause escorts to distrust you from the very start.

Clients often fail to realize that their hesitation or quirky behavior throw red flags up to escorts who are always on the look-out for telltale behavior that a client could be a bad risk. When their safety is at stake, who can blame them for paying close attention to client actions that tip them off to potential hazards down the road? However, when you know some common things that clients do to spook escorts, you can avoid running your favored provider off before getting a chance to impress her with your good looks, wit and charm. Clients who act in the following ways may scare their escorts away before getting a chance to establish a relationship with them: Refuse to answer screening questions.

Escorts are constantly on the lookout for untruthful clients who may be hiding the truth from them. The screening process prior to meeting up with an escort for the first time is an essential element to your escort/client relationship. Escorts ask several questions to determine if you are really who you are claiming to be, have any kind of a criminal record or might pose any kind of threat to them upon meeting up for an encounter. Clients who withhold information or avoid answering the questions may seem like they are trying to avoid disclosing information. Being overly hesitant to divulge this information sends a message to an escort that you have something to hide, making you an unsafe risk. Instead of refusing to give information, some clients give false details. This isn’t good, either, when an escort discovers that you are lying after she conducts her research into your background. If you are unsure about answering her questions due to concerns about discretion, explain your hesitation instead of leading her to believe you are trying to dodge her screening efforts. Bring weapons.

Even though many states and communities have carry and conceal laws that allow licensed individuals to carry weapons with them wherever they go, an escort may feel immediately threatened when she realizes you’ve brought a gun to her incall. When clients have weapons, it puts an escort directly in harm’s way if he chooses to use it against her. If, for your own reasons, you feel you must carry a firearm or other weapon with you to an encounter, discuss your habits with her ahead of time. Escorts deserve a head’s up about your gun-carrying ways before you spring it on them in person. Some escorts will simply ask you to leave the weapon at home or to unload it upon entry to her incall. Others will refuse to see you if you are unwilling to leave the gun at home. Either way, it’s reasonable that an escort would be much more cautious of a client who has a gun on him, knowing what a threat that could be. Tease too much. Escorts realize that clients may have unique senses of humor and that everyone views humor differently. However, some jokes just ring too close to home for an escort’s preference.

For instance, a client who jokes constantly about keeping her all to himself or kidnapping her when she least suspects it may cause an escort to back away from his attention. Clients who habitually tease about violence, abduction, jealousy and other behaviors that could lead to erratic actions may not be just joking around. Escorts tend to take some of these jokes very seriously, as they try to decipher whether a client is a risk or only has a twisted sense of humor. Erring on the side of caution, an escort may block a client who is actually harmless, but reveals a potentially darker side to his personality through his sense of humor. If you feel that your joke may have struck a chord, you should apologize immediately.

The joke that you meant all in fun may have caused her to feel threatened, and you must correct the situation if you want to maintain a relationship with her. Ask lots of questions about being alone with an escort. Your concerns may be rooted in your necessity for discretion. By asking if anyone else is nearby, can see you walk in or will hear the two of you, you are probably just reassuring yourself that the encounter will be entirely private and nobody else will be present or nearby during the booking. However, as you ask these questions, it may cause an escort’s mind to leap to red flags indicating that you are plotting something against her. She may have a security guard or buddy who knows her schedule and basic info about her plans for the day. To her, this is not a lack of discretion, even though it may concern you. In her world, this is a necessity to ensure her safety while meeting up with virtual strangers.

When a client seems overly obsessed with extreme privacy levels, she jumps to conclusions that his intentions are not safe. If you have concerns about the level of discretion involved in the booking process, raise them with your escort as you schedule an encounter. Explain that you maintain a high-profile reputation or that you are very concerned with keeping your overall identity disclosed from others. Explaining your issues may help alleviate her worries about all of your questions. Get too physical too fast. Despite the fact that an escort is there for your pleasure, the meeting is a mutually consensual activity where the encounter must move at a comfortable pace for both of you. Some clients feel like their time with an escort is so short, they want to get started immediately, for fear they might miss something. Others are so overcome with lust or passion that they fail to use proper judgment and attempt to jump past standard ice-breaker conversations or activities. When a client comes on too strongly, it can be very offensive to an escort. She may feel like you’re treating her like a piece of meat or do not respect her boundaries. If you feel like you moved too fast and threw her off, make amends by apologizing and backing off. You’ve already let her know you’re ready to move on when she’s ready; allow her to set the pace from there on out. Exhibit an angry or abrasive attitude.

Clients who are gruff, mad or harsh as they book encounters do not establish a positive first impression. Escorts accept bookings based on two things: their need to fill their schedule with clients and their desire to spend time with particular clients. If there ever comes a time when she is not in need of filling a booking slot, she will turn you down due to your negative attitude. Escorts judge clients by what they say and how they act; if you’re angry all of the time, they take this in and assume that this indicates what kind of person you are. They may also assume that it will only be a matter of time before you start taking that anger out of them, which is something they won’t accept. If you notice that you’re communicating with your escort when you are upset or frustrated about life or work, explain briefly what’s going on and apologize for your behavior. Avoid angry outbursts or comments made toward her. Act paranoid. Clients who are constantly looking out of the windows, peeking over their shoulders as they walk up to an incall or checking their phones during encounters may cause escorts to be a bit suspicious of their behaviors. It’s common for a client to be worried that someone is going to find out where he is, what he’s doing and who he’s with. But, being full-on paranoid about it makes you look like you’re guilty of something. Again, escorts are constantly on the look-out for clients who act out of the ordinary. Their sixth-sense of worry picks up on subtle nuances, and being overly paranoid is definitely a sign that a client may be up to something.

To keep safe, escorts like to avoid clients who act in such suspicious ways. If you feel like you must be worried about who’s going to find out about your escapades, divulge your fears with your escort. Odds are she may be able to alleviate your concerns by assuring you that the ultimate level of discretion has been exercised and encouraging you to relax. Display quirks. Of course, clients should feel free to be themselves around their escorts. But, as you establish a trusting relationship with an escort, it’s best to avoid sabotaging it from the beginning by letting your crazy side run rampant. During the initial encounters, do your best to maintain a standard level of acceptable behavior. Focus on allowing her to lead you through the encounter and following along willingly. Once you and your escort have developed a level of trust and general understanding, slowly start allowing your quirky side to show through. If you have some behaviors that you just can’t hide (such as a tic or involuntary shakes), explain them to your escort before your first encounter. Being up front with your quirks or unique personality/physical traits is the best way to encourage a positive impression during the booking process.

Bring someone with you. Just like some escorts have a security guard who drives them to and from outcalls, a client may have a personal assistant or body guard who accompanies him throughout his day. If you and your assistant show up to an encounter, your escort may feel immediately threatened by the additional person’s presence. It’s a well-known fact that two people can overpower an escort easier than just one can. Escorts typically refuse to service clients who show up with an additional individual. After all, she is unsure what their intentions are. And, if the client’s buddy is going to join in the fun, an escort will require a higher fee and advance warning. If you plan to bring someone else with you, clear it ahead of time with your escort and discuss the situation prior to showing up. She may fully understand that your personal assistant travels everywhere with you. But, she will likely object to that person being in the room with you during the encounter. Obsess about her worst experiences. Escorts typically don’t like to talk about negative experiences they’ve had during encounters, especially with other clients. Dredging up the past is unpleasant and reliving bad experiences just reminds an escort of her worst clients.

Even if you’re curious about the kind of life she leads and what her career is like, asking too many questions about her bad bookings may alert her to think you somehow enjoy hearing stories about her discomfort. Some clients are closet masochists and enjoy stories of torture and terror. Escorts don’t usually want to engage with these clients, for fear that they will eventually act on their darker interests. Instead of inquiring about the bad encounters, ask questions about the best experiences she’s had as an escort. Appear genuinely interested in her life as an escort, the ups and downs and how she entered the scene. However, if you notice that she’s not inclined to talk about her career, respect her wishes and change the subject to something much less focused. Ask too many of too personal questions. Clients who are too nosey about an escort’s personal life exhibit signs of being boundary pushers. Boundary pushers are those who refuse to respect the limitations an escort has established about for relationships with clients. Whether those limitations are physical or emotional, clients who push boundaries are apt to stretch the allowances for both. Escorts avoid clients like these. They usually prove to be troublesome and require a lot of effort to block or rein in. It’s natural for a client to be curious about what an escort is like in her personal life. That’s part of the mystery. Escorts understand that you are curious about them.

They may be curious about your life, too. But, they refrain from asking personal questions about the private details of your life. If you wouldn’t want to share the intimate bits of your life with an escort, avoid pushing her to tell you about hers. In addition to looking out for boundary pushers, escorts also have to keep watch for potential stalkers. Many clients become jealous of others bookings that escorts schedule or desire a relationship beyond the accepted escort/client one. As they collect private details about an escort’s life, they are able to follow her during her personal time. Escorts have to derail any attempts clients may make to do this.