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Extended encounters: 13 things clients need to know to ensure positive experience

Each time that an escort agrees to schedule an extended encounter, she is agreeing to step out of her comfort zone and provide a special service for a client she trusts and enjoys. Escorts have firm rules about extended encounters and who they book them with.

These kinds of services are not typically granted, unless a client has earned an escort’s trust and is able to pay the rate for her companionship during such a long timeframe. While there are several lists about dos and don’ts for visiting with an escort during a typical encounter, the information about what to expect for extended bookings is less available. Keep these things in mind when you book an extended encounter with your favorite escort: Expect to pay a premium rate for an extended encounter.

Escorts are accustomed to providing services for hour-long bookings are just a bit longer. An encounter that spans several hours or, perhaps, an entire day or more is a much more extensive service than an hour of companionship. Much stronger mental focus, physical stamina and effort exertion is required for a long encounter. Additionally, when an escort books an extended visit with a client, she is blocking out that entire time she would normally use to schedule other clients. If for some reason, you fail to show up, she is out an entire day or more of income due to booking the time with you. It’s fairly common for escorts to charge significantly more for a longer session and require a deposit several days in advance to secure your time slot.

The premium rate is also required because some extended encounters tire escorts out so much they may need longer time to regroup afterward or travel back home, depending on location. Don’t expect sexual intercourse or other intimacies for the entire duration of the encounter. If you’re booking an all-day venture with an escort, it won’t be a full-on sex marathon day, unless you’ve cleared it with her first. Utilize the day to receive the services that your escort is best at providing: her companionship, affection, intimacy (non-physical), sense of humor and adventure. If you have the assumption you can pop a couple of erection-inducing pills and have a never-ending session of intercourse, you are wrong. Most escorts will never agree to this, both for physical and emotional reasons. Their services are well beyond just sexual. Secondly, an encounter that involves penetration for several hours can be quite painful in the long run for an escort, making it uncomfortable for her in the following days and impossible for her to book encounters in the near future. This is an unreasonable expectation of an extended encounter booking.

Plan the activities for the encounter. You’re expecting your escort to amaze you with her wit and charm; don’t make her do all the work by planning out the encounter, too. It’s essential for you to have some ideas about what you want to do during the extended booking. If not, you’re at the mercy of her preferences (which may be fine with you), but it may not include the activities you’re hoping for. When an encounter runs several hours long, it’s customary for an event or special request to be included as part of the plan. Maybe you want to attend a ballgame or go to a party.

Perhaps, you want to spend the time watching a movie or enjoying a unique experience that takes longer than an hour or two. Some clients take their escorts out of town for the evening, incorporating an extended encounter into a quick romantic get-away. When you book a long encounter, it’s your responsibility to plan out some of what will happen during the time you spend with an escort. Otherwise, why are you booking so much time? If you’re going to spend your hard-earned money on time with her, make it well worth it by having an idea about what you want to do. And, ALWAYS run it past her first, for her approval. Attempting to schedule an extended encounter with an escort you’ve never met before will be unsuccessful. Lengthy bookings are typically reserved for clients who are trustworthy, loyal and dependable. After meeting for several encounters, escorts and clients build a relationship built on mutual respect and confidence.

Escorts also use their compatibility with a client as a determining factor when they consider extended encounters. If meeting for an hour with a client is awkward and uncomfortable, she is unlikely to accept a booking for longer than the customary session. If you’ve never visited with your escort face-to-face before, she has no way of knowing how the two of you will get along. If you don’t immediately “click,” the entire time could be miserable for both of you. Additionally, without having met you first, an escort really has no assurance that you’re safe to be with. She has to constantly evaluate her safety and any risks associated with her decisions when she books visits with clients. If you are interested in an encounter that spans several hours or a day or more, you will need to establish a successful relationship with an escort first. Respect that your escort will need some time for herself during an extended encounter.

Clients often don’t understand that when they book an escort for an overnight or all-day encounter, she may need a few minutes here and there to herself. Consider an employee who works at a company: he or she will get a couple of breaks and a lunch break throughout the day to run errands or regroup/rest. Your escort may require some time to return personal phone calls, tend to her appearance or use the restroom without you hovering over her. And, if the encounter spans an overnight or a couple of days, she will appreciate the opportunity to have her own bedroom to sleep in. Even if she knows you well, her concerns about you peeking at her personal belongings or trying to hurt her in the middle of the night may still apply. Providing her a chance to sleep in her own space, away from you, will provide her with a sense of security. Also, know that an escort will need some time to gussy up between activities. For instance, if you go to a ballgame and then want to go to a nice dinner, she will require some time in the middle to fix herself up. Have plenty of funds available and ready for the activities you want to participate in during the encounter.

Even though you are paying her some big money to accompany you to an activity, she should never be expected to pay her own way. If you’re bringing her, you should pay for her. It will be very embarrassing to show up for an activity and not have enough money for you both to participate. Also, you will want to make sure you have enough money available on your credit card to pay for a nice dinner out, especially if you elect to splurge on an expensive bottle of wine or the most expensive steak on the menu. In short, not only will you need funds to pay your escort up front, but you will also have to carry money to pay for the rest of the encounter, unless you’re planning to stay in for the duration. Even so, ensuring that you have a few dollars on you for pizza delivery or a room service tip is a good idea. Allow an escort to arrange her own travel plans for an extended encounter at a distance. Maybe you are planning to take her to the tropics for a quick weekend of fun or to New York City for dinner; let her book her own flight or train tickets.

Most of the time, travel accommodations are required to be made in the person’s name who is traveling. It’s unusual for an escort to reveal her real, legal name to her clients, so making her arrangements will be impossible. Also, this way she can book what will be most convenient for her. (Of course, you will need to provide funds for this up front.) However, if you plan to fly her in your personal jet or take her using your limo service, inform her that you will arrange all plans and she just needs to be ready for pick-up. Coordinating travel plans with her ahead of time will alleviate a lot of stress for the encounter. Allow time for refreshments and food. When you know you are booking time for several hours, it’s probable that you and your escort will hungry or thirsty. If planning a full-fledged meal into the encounter seems unreasonable to you, bring some treats along with you. Or, plan for a break where you can get a snack. If your extended booking involves intimacy, getting some grub as a way of doing some post-coital bonding is fully in order. And, always keep in mind that if you’re hungry or in need of a drink, your escort is, too, probably. Be sure to ask her throughout the encounter if she needs something to eat or drink. If it seems to weird to constantly offer refreshments, let her know she should tell you when she wants something to eat. As a client, one of your goals should be to offer consideration for your escort’s comfort and overall happiness. One of the ways to do that includes thinking ahead about food and drink during a long session together. Don’t require your escort to do all the work during the encounter. It’s very easy for clients to get into the mindset that they are paying an escort, she should earn her fees. And, while this IS true, it’s unfair to expect an escort to do everything during a visit with you. In attempt to make the encounter successful, you must be personable, engaged and focused. Reply to her questions, give positive input and express your opinions. When/if things become intimate, provide feedback that allows your escort to know you are feeling pleasure. Additionally, an attempt to reciprocate that pleasure is always appreciated. Also, change positions throughout the encounter to provide her a break and variety in activities. Have some empathy that a long encounter can be challenging for an escort. When she’s accustomed to spending an hour (tops!) with a client, being with you for several hours times that may be quite different. While she’s used to playing her role perfectly for a short hour, when she’s expected to stay in character for hours on end, it may become quite tiresome or difficult. Also, the physical requirement of long intimacy sessions may test her stamina and strength. Realize that she’s putting on a show for you during the entire encounter; it’s not easy to keep a performance going that long. Having some empathy that she’s working hard for your enjoyment is essential for a good encounter. Give her some latitude and allow her to be herself during part of that time. Be up front with your expectations during the planning stages. If your intentions are to create a long girlfriend experience, she should know this.

At the same time, if you’re intending to take her away for the weekend, tell her that except during intimate moments, you only want to maintain a friendship with no other affection. Clearly state what you expect from times you are in public versus private moments. Attempt to be as clear as you can about what you want, when you want it and how you want it. Elaborate on expected services, the kind of attitude you hope to see from her and any activities you want the two of you to participate in. If anything about your plan is unsatisfactory to your escort, he or she has the option to bow out before you pay a deposit or fees. Also, if you discover that your escort isn’t willing to perform certain duties, you can withdraw your request for an extended encounter before it’s too late.

Know that the extended booking may not be perfect. Trips and activities that genuine couples take and engage in are often full of fights and obstacles. If you and your escort have a spat along the way, just chalk it up to being human. If the unexpected occurs during an encounter (such as rain on a beach day), plan an alternate pastime. If you desire the perfect encounter, you will never get it. Book your time with an escort and plan to enjoy it, regardless of what happens. Leave your worries at home. When you book an extended encounter, the goal is to forget your troubles and have a good time. Escaping reality during the time you spend with your escort is your plan. Worrying about things while you are with her will only derail the success of your encounter and bring down the mood for the entire time. Enjoy your full money’s worth of time by having a good time and relaxing, as if you don’t have a care in the world.