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High-Class Escorts in Las Vegas, NV

Private Escorts in Las Vegas, NV offer luxury companionship.

While Las Vegas may be trying to display a more “family friendly” image, it still remains the go to spot to party on the western part of the United States. Sure, New York City is labeled as “The City That Never Sleeps” but in reality Las Vegas is the city that truly exemplifies that motto.

Las Vegas has arguably some of the most exotic resorts, clubs, and casinos in the world and it is truly one of the best cities in the word to party, gamble, or enjoy a night out on the town. Las Vegas Escorts Las Vegas is like no other city in the world. It features some of the most expensive, lavish clubs, restaurants, and hotels in the world. It’s a fast paced city and there are always several events to attend no matter what time of the day or year it is. Appearance matters in Vegas and nobody wants to spend a night out in Vegas alone. If you’re in Vegas and want to truly experience Vegas in its fullest you need a partner.

A Las Vegas escort is one way to spend an evening with someone new who can be with you as you immerse yourself in everything Vegas has to offer. Several high-class escort companies in Vegas offer beautiful escorts to accompany you throughout an evening or night out in Las Vegas. An escort in Las Vegas will ensure you have the best possible experience in Las Vegas no matter where your destination is. If you are in Las Vegas or are planning a trip to Las Vegas, don’t plan on spending a night alone.

A Las Vegas escort can help you see and enjoy Las Vegas better than anybody else while you spend your few nights in Sin City. Las Vegas Clubs Las Vegas is full of some of the best clubs in the entire world. In fact, Bar and Nightclub recently released their Top 100 Nightclubs in the World and Las Vegas had seven of the top ten spots.

If you’re looking for a club in Vegas, here are some of the best options:

XS Nightclub – XS Nightclub is rated the #1 club on Bar and Nightclubs list of 100 best nightclubs. Every single night hundreds of attractive guests enter the lavish 40,000 square foot club. XS attracts world-class DJs including Diplo, Tiësto, Kaskade, Avicii and other well-known DJs that fill the club and play some of the best music in the world. In addition to the large indoor area, an outdoor area is opened during the summer months that houses two full bars and a large pool. If you’re feeling like a VIP, then you will want to buy one of the several available tables for bottle service at XS. XS has some of the best staff that will take care of your every need throughout the entire night. Plus, the tables are luxurious in nature and offer maximum comfort during your entire groups night out at XS. XS is widely considered to be THE club to go to in Vegas, so if you want a guaranteed good time out in Vegas, XS should be at the top of your list.

Marquee LV – Marquee LV is the second rated nightclub according to Bar and Nightclub. Marquee has both a dayclub and a nightclub, which attracts attractive partygoers each and every day. The dayclub has 22,00 square feet of space with several bars, two pools, and multiple levels for bottle service. During the summer, it is one of the most popular outdoor clubs in all of Vegas and is frequently filled to capacity. Cabanas are available for guests looking for a more private experience and each cabana has an infinity edge glass dipping pool, a flat screen TV, and several other amenities. The nightclub is almost just as large and fills to capacity much like the dayclub. Some of the featured Djs include Kaskade, Swiss Beatz, Benny Benassi, Armin van Buuren, and several other of the best DJs in the world. Marquee LV’s nightclub has a design that is targeted towards VIP parties purchasing bottle service. This means the dance floor is smaller in comparison to several other clubs to accommodate more tables for VIPs. However, there is still ample room around for partygoers looking to enjoy a night out listening to some of the best music playing today.

TAO LV – Next to Marquee and XS, TAO is the next best club to spend a night out in Las Vegas. Many frequent guests will tell you that TAO is much more affordable than other clubs although it still not cheap by any means. One of the drawbacks of TAO is that it has a much smaller dance floor, which can be deal breaker for those who especially like to dance all night. The one huge bright spot for TAO is that the bottle service tables have a much more intimate, private feeling. Other clubs tend to keep several tables right in the open where as TAO has multiple tables that offer more privacy, yet still allow for socialization with other people in the club. TAO also has some of the best special effects in all of Vegas. From confetti, to foam to lasers, TAO has several different special effects to enhance the mood and keep the party going. Unlike other clubs, TAO tends to have a few more DJs play throughout the night unless it is a prominent DJ headlining the club that night. Other Things to Do If you’re not in the mood to club there are hundreds of world-class restaurants and shows to eat at or go to in Las Vegas. Boxing matches are held monthly at the MGM Grand, Cirque du Soleii always has entertaining shows every night and musical shows and concerts feature some of the most popular artists and shows in the world. If a club isn’t an ideal place to be, you will surely find an incredibly show to attend while in Vegas.