High End Courtesans Falling in Love

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Do Elite Escorts Fall in Love with Clients

Falling in love with escorts

Is It Possible That Elite Escorts and Elite Companions Fall In Love With Their Clients:

One of the most extraordinary things about the escort industry is that the clients and the escorts get to have lots of fun. This is mainly because they get to spend their time at exclusive locations doing some exclusive things.

They visit the best hotels in town, go clubbing to some amazing pubs, drink fine wine and eat good food. Laughter and fun are the adjectives that could be used to describe the lives of an escort. Generally, the escorts and the clients get to live the lifestyle of the status quo, as it were. The escort gets to dress up and look glamorous. In short, the life of an escort is almost the same as make believe.

The reality on the ground never dawns on most high class escorts. They are already used to living the life of the high and mighty since most of their clients are the crème de la crème of society. The money that these escorts earn is almost sacrilegious and some of them actually start hating getting bills that are in the 10s and 100s since they are used to some real hard cash. Similarly, most of the people that these escorts are very wealthy and a couple of them actually have some incredible looks. The implication being made here is that it is almost impossible for an escort not to fall in love with at least one of their clients.

This is because the life of an escort is that of a girlfriend or an honored mistress.

Therefore, to them everything is as in a dream. However, mostly, it will be very unlikely for an escort to fall for their client. However, when the client shows the escorts that they are interested in something more than the business relationship the two have established, it is almost irresistible for an escort to refuse an offer of promotion from an escort to a mistress, a girlfriend or even, in a few special cases, a wife.

This does not happen out of the blue. Instead, the situation is brought about when a client makes his business more regular. If the client keeps on coming back over and over again to the establishment and demanding that he gets the company of a certain escort, then that is undoubtedly the start of a relationship and it is likely that the two will fall in love, sooner or later at least.

To conclude, therefore, it is somewhat hard for the escorts you will get to accompany you to fall in love with you. However, there are certain signals which when sent to any girl, escort or no escort, will make that particular girl start falling in the love with the sender of the signals.