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Why Hire A Escort

Hire escorts in seattle and world wide courtesan companions for special occasions to enrich your life.

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So why do so many people all across America and around the world hire companions or escorts for companionship purposes? Well that’s great question and at the same time there are a lot of misconceptions about companions and or escorts.

For the most part most people think you only hire a companion when you need or want sex…. which is just not true. Companions are much more than just a quick fling or another piece of meat like most people think and yes i am not saying their all angels but hiring an companion and or escort has showed that it has and can help all lot of people in a lot of different ways which i will talk about through this article. Some people it has made a big difference in their lives which the dating life in America and around the world just cannot meet certain peoples needs and or expectations them to looking and searching for the best companions and or escorts which are out in the market place today.

But before i move any further i do want to let you know that i do prefer to use the word companions rather then escort. The word Escort has been around for a long time and a lot of people from all walks or class have used companions and overtime the word has been diminished, and misleading. So from this point in all my post i will use the word companions rather than escorts.

People these days don’t have time to meet people that they would like to have as friends or even dates. the trendy new option is to get a companion to accompany you. This could be to a wedding invitations, office parties, nights out and even the odd trip abroad. More men and women are spending more time on their careers. This simply does not leave them enough time left for conventional dating, And when they do go conventional dating they feel it was a wast of time, no intelligent conversations but more importantly there is no chemistry, connection, not being pleased where they went and did especially if they find themselves liking the finer things in life . In normal dating life the only incentive that people have are their own reasons of why they are going out on the date which can lead to no real agenda or purpose for the date. So they are a lot of reasons why certain people hire companions but the bottom line is when it comes to psychology and use of the 6 human needs taught by some psychologist and personal development coaches which are Certainty, Variety, Significance, Connection, Growth, and Contribution.

For those who use and hire companions for the most part their own 6 human needs are not being met. and usually its in the areas of Variety,Significance, and connection. And when i say connection i don’t mean physical i mean through being mentally stimulated which happens when there is chemistry through getting to know each other. And they connect their life experience and personality traits. But i cant speak for everybody who hires them and these are just a few examples of why some folks hire a companions.

So these are just a few reasons but are not all, and you can hear first hand for yourself on why some people hire a companion by one of our clients on why he uses companions.

Hi i am a professional business owner, and also overtime a member of Seattle Escorts and Courtesans team and no i don’t work for Seattle Escorts and Courtesans, I am a client. If you choose to be verified by Seattle Escorts and Courtesans and use its services after reading through the site, then you are someone else who wants to be part of this venture; you’re part of the team too.

And that raises a serious point-why are we, as clients here? Sure, its easy to say “hey dummy, it’s because i like…..” or something of that sort, but that’s not really it. You can get your lizard brain urges, like sleeping, eating, or having sex satisfied pretty much anywhere, quite easily. Why do we hire Seattle Escorts and courtesans rather than going for something easier and cheaper? Hiring elite escorts in Seattle and in every Major city Around the globe. We’re professional types; we understand value. You pay little or nothing for something, and you get little or nothing back. Lets talk a lot about return on investment. that is a true concept. We want value for money, but we know that you do pay for quality. Why hire a companion and worry about quality, when we presumably just want one thing? Because we’re intelligent people and we want more than just to satisfy our lizard brain needs – we have higher needs to be meet.

The word companion says a great deal about why we’re here. A companion may pr may not become a close friend, but is still someone who’s with you, someone who listens intelligently and uncritically. Many of us don’t have that need met at home, or don’t have other people who meet it else where. Seattle Escorts And Courtesans do that – when they’re with you, you’re the center of their attention, and they listen. If you’ve had the experience of I’m out the door when your done or had to listen to a paid friend who either wanted to share all their problems with you or had nothing to say, you know exactly why that’s important. Companionship is a major form of stress relief; someone who doesn’t listen isn’t a companion.

I used to pay my psychologist- I don’t need anymore. A shrink isn’t invested in you, but in your diagnosis. Would you rather pay someone who considers you a case study, or someone who actually cares about you? If your real reason for seeing a psychologist is needing to vent, or to find someone to talk to, their real reason for seeing you is to make a buck on your so called mental problem. I’ve found that companions listening to me pay more attention and provide stress relief that psychologist don’t and that leaves me a lot less depressed, or what causing it.

Remember the good old verse “ you get what you pay” that always don’t leave you relaxed, by the way- they can also leave you with surprises you don’t expect that only cause more stress, as well as expenses you didn’t need. You know that wont happen with Seattle Escorts and Courtesans because they’ll play safely. They also won’t call you leaving you crazy messages on your cell phone, or any of the other things that certain other low-class types do to make things worse later. You want stress relief, not surprises you don’t need from someone you didn’t know before and wish later that you hadn’t met.

Stress relief. There are many forms of it, and Seattle Escorts and Courtesans use different companions use different forms of it. There’s the uncritical listening. There’s massage. there’s a lot else. If you’ve been with Seattle escorts and Courtesans, you know just how many forms of stress relief each on has her disposal, and just how relaxed you are afterwards. What does relieving stress do for you? For me, I do better work at the office, and more of it. I have fewer arguments at home, because I’m not in a bad mood. my clients are happier, because I’m more relaxed with them. I’m not taking my frustrations out on other people, and I’m not depressed . In short, I’m efficient and I’m happier and more endorphins are being released on a daily basis – and if that’s not a value orientated return on investment then nothing is. Privacy, sanity, stress relief, having real companionship- all of those are excellent returns on investment. But the value-added component is the benefit we receive from being better able to handle our work, our families, and our lives in generally. It’s not about cost, it’s about value. Seattle Escorts and Courtesans gives us that value. If we’ve been verified and are looking for that value, then be a part of one of a kind dating, and one on one companionship services around the world.