Miami Escorts and Miami Courtesans

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With beautiful sunshine and warm temperatures year round, miami is one of the most popular tropical destinations in the united states. by day, thousands of people flock to south beach to soak up some rays and enjoy the warm waters of the atlantic. by night miami turns into a lively, exciting party scene with several hundred bars, restaurants, and nightclubs filled to capacity.

Miami boasts some of the best nightlife in the world. Enjoying a night on the town is never a bad decision &mdash but you don’t want to do it alone. If you’re the type of person who enjoys interacting with new people on a regular basis consider hiring an escort in Miami. Even if you are not someone who tries new things, hiring an escort in Miami still makes a lot of sense. After all, chances are your escort hasn’t been to the location you want to attend so it is new for both of you. It’s a way to experience Miami in a whole new way. A Miami escort can accompany you to your desired destination for a night of fun and exciting company. Miami escorts will help you experience Miami in its fullest and ensure that your night out in Miami is as enjoyable and unique as it could possible be.

Miami is widely respected as having some of the best nightclubs in the United States along with New York City and Las Vegas. There are a variety of clubs and lounges that can accommodate the needs of anybody.

Here are some of the most popular and top nightclubs in Miami:

LIV – LIV is arguably the best club Miami has to offer. LIV has received several awards and was rated the #5 club in the United States by Nightclub & Bar IN 2012. LIV is incredibly large and is frequented by several A-List celebrities. In fact, the Miami Heat celebrated at LIV after winning the 2012 NBA finals. Many people describe an experience at LIV like “going to Las Vegas without leaving Miami.” The club itself is fairly large and it has a massive dance floor that can accommodate a few hundred people. Vibrant lighting illuminates the entire club and several tables are setup throughout the club to accommodate patrons looking for bottle service. Drinks prices are among the most expensive in Miami but that’s what you get when you go to the most popular and exclusive club in Miami. If you’re interested in listening to the top DJs in the world play, then LIV is by far the place to go. Tièsto, Steak Aoki David Guetta, and Knife Party are just some of the incredibly popular DJs that perform at LIV on a fairly regular basis.

Set – Set Nightclub is an exotic nightclub in Miami that features 8-foot elephant tusks and several private tables for a more intimate experience. Although it is not necessarily as popular as LIV, Set still fills up each night and has a line around the block. As you first enter Set you’ll notice several dancers are scattered around the club in plexi-glass cylinders to energize the club. You’ll also notice the exotic decor lined throughout the entire club. Set constantly attracts several world renowned DJs and other musical artists that keep the mood upbeat and energetic throughout the entire night. In addition to world class DJs, celebrities are constantly in attendance at Set and frequent visitors include Jamie Foxx, Robert Downey Jr. and Robert De Niro. Compared to other clubs, Set is one of the more luxurious clubs and the moment you step foot in the club you’ll know you are in a lavish, exotic experience.

Bâoil – Bâoil is widely considered to be one of the few clubs in Miami that can truly claim to cater to he VIP crowd. Bâoil is incredibly hard to get into and has a strict dress code for both men and women. However, if you do manage to get into Bâoil, you can know that you are going to truly feel what it is like to be a VIP throughout the entire night. The club itself is smaller in size but still has a sizeable dance floor and has several promotions throughout the entire week including the every popular “my boyfriend is out of town” for women. Bâoil is elegantly designed and has several luxurious tables for bottle service that are private, yet still open enough to encourage socialization with other people.

Mansion – Mansion could be described just as its name implies — it’s huge. Mansion is arguably Miami’s largest nightclub and is widely regarded as having the best lightning in all of Miami. Mansion constantly hosts events and has close ties with Playboy and the two frequently hosts events together. Inside the club, barely dressed women are spread around the club dancing to some of the best house music you can find in Miami. On the mega dance floor a few hundred young, attractive singles dance and party all night to the hottest DJs like Deadmau5, Tiësto, and Avicii. Mansion’s large size accommodates a large amount of people and there are a few dozen areas set up for private bottle service. Guests who purchase bottle service are given their own exclusive area but still have a great view of the dance floor and DJ. Mansion’s definitely one of the better spots to go if a high energy, party atmosphere is what you desire.

Skybar at Shore Club – If you’re not really in the mood for a club or just don’t enjoy the club scene, then the Skybar is somewhere you should consider going. Skybar was designed for couples or friends or a couple looking for a classy, quiet evening. The decor is classy and sets a romantic mood both indoors and in the outdoor Redroom Garden, which is a 2,500 square foot lounge with beautiful landscaping throughout the entire area. Skybar also has an exclusive Rumbar, which serves over 75 different rums and is surrounded by white sheer curtains for a quiet, intimate space to enjoy the company of another person. In addition to the Skybar, the Sandbar is a small private area, which is best suited for smaller private parties that can enjoy each others’ company in the most intimate setting.